High Alpha Virtual Events


High Alpha is a unique company that has created a new model for company growth and entrepreneurship. With 21 new companies – and counting – since launching in 2015, the number of virtual events and branded product needs has grown at a rapid rate.

The Project:

Since the pandemic of 2020 halted work in a group setting, all of High Alpha’s planned events needed to be changed. Instead of all being in one place to hand out the kits and open as a group, everyone would be attending virtually. Each event would need a specific group of people to have certain products in the kits.

Main Event received High Alpha’s attendee list of each event and the unique items that went with each kit. We ordered custom printed boxes and custom accessories to make the kits more exclusive to High Alpha. Since the attendees would be viewing the events from the comfort of their homes, we drop shipped each kit to their personal address.

Let Main Event handle the shipping!

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