Hot Box Pizza


Hot Box Pizza is a chain of pizza franchises throughout central Indiana. With a rebel attitude to “save the world from pizza mediocrity,” Hot Box Pizza created a very unique culture in the food industry.

The Project:

Making sure that all the employees in each of the 22 locations have the same branding was important to the leadership of Hot Box. For the longest time one person within the company was using paper and spread sheets to make the uniform orders for all the employees. This would lead to mistakes and caused more of a headache than necessary. Main Event created a physical catalog that the employees could choose their items from, but that still lead to a lot of paper work. In 2017, it was time to move to the digital world and create a company webstore. Employees can go the company webstore and choose approved apparel for one week, 5 times a year. Once the week time frame is up for that specific window, all orders are then produced and sent to all locations.

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